PHGN 440 / MLGN 502A - Solid State Physics

Instructor: Eric Toberer

Contact information:
Office Hours (Fall 2016): TBD
Class Meeting Days / Times: MWF 10:00 - 11:00 a.m. in Alderson 162
Teaching Assistant: Xiaoning Zang
Course Description from Bulletin: An elementary study of the properties of solids including crystalline structure and its determination, lattice vibrations, electrons in metals, and semiconductors.

Kittel's Solid State Physics, 8th Edition

Vesta crystal structure viewer (freeware)

Evengy Tsymbal at U. Nebraska - Lincoln has a write-up for his Physics 927 course,

The Oxford Solid State Basics by Steven H. Simon is a nice additional text


Homework: 20% (4 x 5%)
Lab reports: 15% (3 x 5%)
Participation: Pre-class evaluations 5%
Participation: In-class activities and rough draft lab/homework 5%
Oral mid-term exam: 10%
Oral final exam: 15%
Final project (written): 20%
Final project (oral): 10%

The remainder of the syllabus is located in pdf form here.