Topic 2 Videos: Crystal Structure

Video 2.1: Lattice & Basis

In this video, we focus on the microscopic structure of crystals. We first introduce the translational symmetry of the crystal called the lattice and the description of the crystal chemistry called the basis. We then discuss different types of lattices including the primitive and conventional cells.

Video 2.2: Crystal Structure Types

We discuss different types of centering in cubic system. We also delve into the similarities between the fcc and the diamond structure. Finally, we compared two types of close packed structures.

Video 2.3: Slices

What is the slices technique? We discuss the technique and its utility in understanding the structure of various crystals, including the Perovskite structure.

Aug 23 video survey for 2.1 - 2.3


Video 2.4: Miller Indices

Finally, we discuss the utility of Miller indices in labeling different planes and how this can be used to better understand crystal structure.