Topic 9 Videos: Weak Potential and Band Structures

Video 9.1: Bloch Theorem and the Central Equation

We start by introducing Bloch's theorem as a way to describe the wave function of a periodic solid with periodic boundary conditions. We then develop the central equation and find a relation between the Fourier coefficients associated with the wave vectors, k minus G, over all space.

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Video 9.2: Vanishing Potential and Brillouin Zones

Today, we extend Bloch's theorem into two dimensions and develop some vocabulary for labeling points withing the brillouin zone. We also go through band structure using spaghetti diagrams.
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Video 9.3: Band Structures of Metals and Insulators

In this video we introduce metals, semi metals, semiconductors and insulators. We also go through classifying these materials, especially using experimentally obtained dispersion diagrams.

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